• Vocal Glass

    Vocal Glass

    Featuring the voice of my friend Laura, this was just me enjoying the heck out of a “phaser” pedal or something I had for my guitar at the time.

  • Unmitigated

    A throwaway. Presumably I was in some kind of “mood” where I found the sound of this guitar super exciting or something.

  • Sick

    Recorded on a four-track in a small bedroom in Minneapolis, this is a good example of how I listened to way too much Butthole Surfers for a spell.

  • Shattered Glass

    Shattered Glass

    Before I had access to a multitrack device of any kind, I recorded this with a pair of handheld cassette recorders. It was more or less to prove a technical point, which is my way of saying that it’s completely unlistenable.

  • I Got the Blues (Partial)

    Partly the first bit of tape here was lost to history, along with a song I titled “Pokealotasmottapus”. For real. It’s probably best, but I’ve preserved this bit for posterity.

  • Feedback

    Throwaway, but I did eventually make a video for it for the Hello! Video show I used to run.

  • Dead Johnny

    Dead Johnny

    Recorded on a four-track in a small bedroom in Minneapolis while listening to way too much Butthole Surfers. It’s painfully obvious which tracks are the four tracks. Mathew Beane plays guitar and possibly drums.