• The Victim (Alternate Vocal)

    The Victim (Alternate Vocal)

    A much calmer take on the vocals, without the autotune effect and stereo double-tracking. I kept this one around because I liked the lighter feel of it. The guitar part is different as well, I felt like even though I was playing the right part, it kind of sounded wrong, which is why I went…

  • Calmed


    Meant to mellow things out at the end. I think this was meant to have lyrics to tie it all up in a bow.

  • Tsunami’s Revenge

    Tsunami’s Revenge

    Absurd, was meant for an interlude or a video piece in the show we were putting together.

  • Old Man River

    Old Man River

    Just pure silliness. I’m not sure if The Frogs or Ween are more to blame for inspiring this.

  • Waterflow


    The idea for this sprang right out of the rhythm. Fit like a glove.

  • I Am The River

    I Am The River

    I think I had been listening to The Frogs. That’s probably my best defense.

  • Tsunami


    Just a dramatic break. Maybe you would run to the bathroom or something.

  • River Tsunami (Rock)

    River Tsunami (Rock)

    Somehow I talked Kandace into singing this one, and I’m glad I did. She had a cold, and hated me for making her do the vocals, which were sung directly into the laptop microphone.

  • River Risin’

    River Risin’

    Needed a track to develop the story on our concept album a bit. Doesn’t sound like I quite finished the lyrics, but it did the job. It doesn’t seem as though I wanted to let the track end.

  • Lionize


    I’ve never been quite sure where I stole the chorus at the end from but I’m pretty sure it’s been done before. The first half was built onto that, drawing on Guided By Voices for inspiration. Another surprisingly disciplined mix.