Dapper & Wise

Theme song from next week’s thrilling episode of the world’s premiere coffee show, Unpacking Coffee. Special thanks to Eric Lucas, on drums.

He wore glasses that covered up his eyes
She was suited in a suitable disguise
They roasted coffee, mmm the lows and highs
Dapper, dapper and wise.

If you’re divided, you balkanize
If you’re stealing, you burglarize
Well if you’re messy, you organize
Dapper, dapper and wise.

Dapper, dapper and wise…

Recreational Coffee

Theme song I wrote for an episode of Unpacking Coffee.

Well me and the lady were spending some time
on a beach in Southern Cali on the corporate dime
This guy comes up to us says he loves the show
I asked him for some coffee and he couldn’t say no

He took us to a place on Long Beach Boulevard
Very theraputic, some quinoa bars!
We drank something, cold but it wasn’t cold brew
It was just iced coffee that’s what I’m tellin you

It’s recreational… coffee, Long Beach California, see
It’s recreational… coffee.

We helped ourself to their Yirgacheffe roast
some vegan donuts and the avocado toast
We said hello to Bobby and Correne
before we headed back to the beach scene

We got on the plane and flew right back
sometimes I still get a recreational attack
That’s when I know turn the plane around
let’s get a cup of coffee next time we’re in town

It’s recreational… coffee, Long Beach California, see
It’s recreational… coffee